cheese boards

Nancy’s Cheese Plate      Design by: Saro Sapienza

Each plate is individually crafted in solid surface and numbered with a quality seal embedded in the product.






10 x 8  Bone  $69.99 +HST

10 x  8 Terracotta $75.99 + HST

5 x 16 Terracotta $75.99 + HST

10 x 15 Terracotta $125.99 +HST SOLD OUT

About Solid Surface

Solid Surface ( i.e. Corian®) is a blend of natural minerals mixed with man-made bonding agents. The color and texture of solid cannot wear away  because it is the same material all the way through. Any accidents you might have, like scratches that would destroy other products, can easily be buffed out. It is priced similarly to granite and has the advantage of being 100% non-porous, so liquids cannot penetrate the surface like they can with granite or wood. Solid surface will resist stains and, more importantly, not provide a home for mold or bacteria.